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Pop & Peel • Temporary Base Coat

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Pop & Peel • Temporary Base Coat
Pop & Peel • Temporary Base Coat
Pop & Peel • Temporary Base Coat

 Have a short-term affair with your mani, even hard-to-remove glitters.

The Glitter:
Temporary peelable base coat. Don't feel guilty peeling off your mani, make it part of the fun!

Your manicure will be beautiful for a day or two, then the polish will begin to separate from your nail or pop off entirely.

Pics by @manicuremanifesto (formerly The Lazy Laquerista), @cruenberg, and @balletofskaro

The Geek:
Once ya pop....the peelin' don't stop! Because otherwise you'd only have, like, 8 or 9 nails painted.


Suggested Wear:
To make your manicure last longer:
* Avoid having your hands in hot water for more than brief hand washing, including showers and washing dishes
* Wrap your nail tips

To make your manicure last shorter:
* Apply lotion, cuticle oil, or balm an hour before painting your nails and rub thoroughly into nails and skin
* After you've had your fun, do any of the things you'd otherwise avoid to make it last longer!

Suggested Tear:
Soak your nails in very warm water for 30+ seconds. Carefully peel off under water to prevent damaging your nails. Save the peelies if you want!

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