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What is your expected time frame from order to shipment?

We're moving soon and our turnaround time is about two weeks. We try to get orders out as soon as possible, though.

Please bear in mind that the days following a new collection release or a sale will have a larger volume of orders and may lengthen the expected turnaround time.

My polish has been sitting for a while and the ingredients are separating. Help!

It's completely normal for glitters and pigments to settle or even separate if left on a shelf for a period of time. Each bottle of Lucky 13 includes a stainless steel BB that helps mix everything together when you shake it. Take care not to shake too hard! The BB packs a punch and may damage or crack the bottle. You can also make sure the cap is securely closed and roll the bottle upside down between your hands.

I just ordered a few days ago, my order hasn't gone out yet but now one of the items is on sale!

Those who order before a sale starts have priority over those who order during the sale (should there still be open orders when a new sale begins). Try not to fret about "missing" the sale, you'll just get your order sooner!

I made more than one order, will I be refunded any shipping costs?

Unfortunately, we can no longer combine multiple orders. If more than one order is made we may ship them together or separately, depending upon when we notice they are going to the same place.

What happens if my package is mis-delivered?

Customers are responsible for ensuring we have the proper mailing information. If the package is returned to us the customer must cover additional shipping costs to re-send it to the proper address.

For International orders: please understand that once the package is in the hands of USPS I cannot be held responsible for confiscation or destruction by customs officials. We label Customs forms as safely as possible to avoid problems with Customs and every effort is made to ensure packages arrive safely at their new homes. Since we cannot hand deliver each package there may be times when Customs does not allow the package to pass through, though thankfully this has never happened. However, please consider this possibility before placing your order.

Should a package be mis-delivered or returned to us by our own mistake we will cover shipment costs.