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Hey, Listen!

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Hey, Listen!
Hey, Listen!
Hey, Listen!
Hey, Listen!
Hey, Listen!
Hey, Listen!

Please note, this polish will not ship until after July 21st to ensure pre-orderers receive their bottles first.

The Glitter:
Baby blue to dark teal thermal loaded with aqua shimmer and scattered silver holo.

Comes with a small bag of silver holo fairy glitters that you can pour into your nail polish or hand-place on your mani.

The Geek:
Inspired by Navi

Suggested Wear:
2 to 3 coats with or without base coat, topped with glossy or matte top coat such as Elemental Ward and We're All Matte Here.

Suggested Tear:
Normal nail polish removal methods (acetone or Scourgify! polish remover and cotton).

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*Chunky Glitters* *Holosexual* *Shimmery* *Thermal*

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