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No Peace Without Justice

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No Peace Without Justice
No Peace Without Justice
No Peace Without Justice

The Glitter:
Deep charcoal grey base with emerald/teal/violet/red color-shifting shimmer. Comes with a sticker on the bottom saying Black Lives Matter

The Geek:

Inspired by the continued fight for racial equality. The current Black Lives Matter movement is not a new concept in our society; black people and other racial minorities still experience injustice to this day. But this fight is not new.

There can be no justice without peace and there can be no peace without justice.

                   - Martin Luther King, Jr, 1967

100% of profits from this polish ($10) will be donated to a BLM charity by August 14th. Proof of donation will be posted to our Lucky 13 Lacqueristas Facebook group.

Suggested Wear:
2 to 3 coats with or without base coat, topped with glossy or matte top coat such as Elemental Ward and We're All Matte Here. Swatches show two coats.

Suggested Tear:
Normal nail polish removal methods (acetone or Scourgify! polish remover and cotton).

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