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Lip Lacquer & Lip Gloss • by Arcane Arts

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Lip Lacquer & Lip Gloss • by Arcane Arts
Lip Lacquer & Lip Gloss • by Arcane Arts

The Glitter:

Shiny lip lacquer and shimmering lip gloss, made by Arcane Arts (now defunct)

Note: the shade shown on my lips in the second picture is a different color but shows the kind of coverage and shine you should expect.

The Geek:

To the Moon & Back • Shimmering Color-Shifting Lip Lacquer $5

Steel grey with aqua-violet color-shifting shimmer.

Inspired by the night sky and endless love

Suggested Wear:
On your lips, with or without lip liner or primer underneath. May need to reapply after a few hours to keep your kisser super shiny!

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