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Fire & Ice • Polish by Zombie Claw

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Fire & Ice • Polish by Zombie Claw
Fire & Ice • Polish by Zombie Claw
Fire & Ice • Polish by Zombie Claw

Formerly part of an exclusive duo, now you can grab the fiery half by itself!

Fire & Ice - Zombie Claw

The Glitter:
Fiery red jelly base loaded with rose/gold/green color-shifting shimmer with black hexes, squares, and microshreds, fiery red holo hexes and microshreds, with gold-green and aqua-violet iridescent hexes and squares.

The Geek:
Inspired by the Daenerys' dragons, especially Drogon.


Suggested Wear:
2 coats with or without base coat. Top with glossy or matte top coat such as Elemental Ward and We're All Matte Here.

Suggested Tear:
Normal nail polish removal methods

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