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Lip Lacquer & Lip Gloss • by Arcane Arts

Regular price $5.00
Lip Lacquer & Lip Gloss • by Arcane Arts
Lip Lacquer & Lip Gloss • by Arcane Arts
Lip Lacquer & Lip Gloss • by Arcane Arts
Lip Lacquer & Lip Gloss • by Arcane Arts
Lip Lacquer & Lip Gloss • by Arcane Arts

The Glitter:

Shiny lip lacquer and shimmering lip gloss, made by @Arcane_Arts

The Geek:

Dance, Magic Dance • Shimmering Tinted Lip Gloss $5
Semi-sheer plum lip gloss with crimson-copper-gold color-shifting shimmer.

Inspired by Labyrinth

To the Moon & Back • Shimmering Color-Shifting Lip Lacquer $7
Steel grey with aqua-violet color-shifting shimmer.

Inspired by the night sky and endless love

Siren's Song • Frosty Lip Lacquer $7 SOLD OUT
Sea foam teal with silver sheen.

Inspired by my life, my love, and my lady: the sea

True Love's Kiss • Frosty Lip Lacquer $7
Rich red with pink/silver sheen.

Inspired by wu, twu wuv, and The Princess Bride

Charmed • Shimmering Lip Lacquer $7 SOLD OUT
Vibrant violet lip lacquer packed with green shimmer.

Inspired by magic

Black Hearted • Squishy Lip Lacquer $7
Pure black lip lacquer. Like liquid leather!

Inspired by the villain within us all

Mystery Lippie • Shimmering Lip Lacquer $7
Available colors may include: Former Indie Pickup exclusives such as Blood on the Moors (red), Mischief-Maker (green), Strange Magic (purple) OR prototypes. Please let us know what color family you'd like and we'll do our best!

Guaranteed to not have duplicates if you order multiples, only 1 of anything is available.

Inspired by...whatever

Suggested Wear:
On your lips, with or without lip liner or primer underneath. May need to reapply after a few hours to keep your kisser super shiny!

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