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Sometimes polishes lose their mommy and daddy, and when that happens they need a loving home! Each polish is in great condition, it just didn't meet the exact idea I had in mind or wasn't up to release standards for one reason or another.

If a polish isn't listed in the drop-down box it has already been purchased. We're always happy to re-name one-of-a-kind polishes for you if you love the color but not the name, just contact us after your purchase is complete :)

  • Dreamer: Pale periwinkle base with green/aqua color-shifting shimmer, sunshine yellow and baby blue glitters, pink/white thermal glitters and pink mini stars.
  • Eat Cake: Amethyst base with green/aqua color-shifting shimmer, sunshine yellow and baby pink glitters, pink/white thermal glitters and pink and hot pink mini stars.
  • Wit Beyond Measure: Dark chocolate jelly base with silver holo and bright blue glitters.
  • We Are Not Things: Dark denim blue base with black, white, gunmetal, and gold glitters.
  • Fairy Kisses: Dusty eggplant base with lavender holo glitters.
  • Spring Fling: Lavender base with silver shimmer, green dots, dandelion yellow and two types of pink glitters, and mini hearts and stars.
  • Spring Bloom: Grass green jelly packed with pastel glitters, including dots!
  • Calm Waters: Dusty baby blue, nearly periwinkle, cream with no glitter.

Notes: These are sometimes "failed" prototypes for a reason. They may be more sheer or more opaque than an official released polish. Due to the pigment used or the weight of glitters, some polishes may begin to separate or have glitter sink after sitting for a while. This is normal, shake gently and let it sit a moment before using and it'll be just fine! Also, sometimes the outside of the bottles aren't the prettiest but the polish inside is well-mixed. Additionally, I can only dedicate so much time to photographing these so their photos may not be 100% accurate!

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